I`ll begin by sharing this thought a friend wrote:

I really feel a little bit uncomfortable writing about COPYRIGHTS, SCRAP-LIFTING, etc.....After all I`m not Leonardo da Vinci to be demanding for official copyrights, right?

  • If you just look at the word carefully it`s all about the RIGHT to COPY :-)
  • To be CREDITED for YOUR WORK :-)
  • To decide WHO can COPY your work :-)
  • WHO can BENEFIT from YOUR work :-)

But, there is always BUT ;-),  there are a few issues that I really want to mention here.

  • It`s difficult to accept the fact that some people will sweat to create something and others will just make a few prints of your work, will lay them on the table and will fix a project STEALING your techniques & ideas ....and the worst part to present this "work" of theirs without giving you any credit. 
  • You understand that if you apply for a Design Team submitting a scrap-lifted project or submit a scrap-lifted project even for an e-zine that`s very inconsiderate and wrong :-) - unless you let me know!
  • You also understand that if you give workshop classes using my techniques & designs is also very inconsiderate and wrong :-) - unless you let me know!

Of course, I`m absolutely AWARE of the fact that I`m in so many Design Teams and people are inspired from my work!
Don`t get me wrong I never mind copying me. What I will appreciate and respect is to just LET ME KNOW!

You can always send me an e-mail regarding Copyrights :

I`m very honored if you copy my work and I appreciate/respect all the people who are honest to let me know in some ways that they are/were inspired by my work.