Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafting with my kids ~Webster`s Pages~ (Part 2)

Hi there!
Well, this is Part 2 of my "Crafting with kids" posts (you can check Part 1-----> HERE).
My daughter Leanne loves creating layouts - just like mommy ;-)! And here is she with her latest layout. You can check also her feature on Webster`s Pages Blog ------> HERE
She had to choose from different Webster`s Pages collections and her choice was made just for a second when she grabbed "Girl Land" papers. Do you know how "devastated" ;-) I was? I must admit it`s difficult to share my goodies with her....especially the pink ones ;-))))
Choose a photo and the most beautiful pattern paper from the collection :-) 
Leanne chose a photo of mommy dressed as a "princess" ;-)
Let your child choose embellishments for her/his layout.
I gave Leanne my scrap leftovers from the collection 
and I must admit she chose good ones :-)
It`s not a secret that I`m a fussy-cutting scrapper and 
this was a perfect moment to teach my daughter how to do it.
...and it turned out pretty good :-)
It`s time to begin "designing" your layout.
If you would have the chance to know my daughter you`d know 
that she is a girl doing things in HER OWN way.
Don`t even make the effort to change her mind - it`ll be effortlessly :-)
OK, Leanne is just like me.......
looking at her project and wondering if everything looks fine
It`s time to have fun with the glue ;-)
Adhere everything that`s "falling" 
It`s title time....
Try to help your kid placing the letters correctly..... 
she is only 4 so she needs some help BUT --->
.... my attempt to help her was without any success.
Pay attention to the last "a"....LOL
And this was the final result.....
Have a beautiful day!
In case you missed what my son, Alexander, created you can check the post ------->HERE


  1. Love this post, Gerry. The most difficult part must be controlling your urge to show her the "right" way of doing things! Tell Leanne that her page is awesome :)))

  2. just love these two step by step layouts of your kids gerry....! they did an awesome job! xxx