Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Webster`s Pages New-born baby {Blueprints*}

Hi there!
I`m here today with some exciting NEWS from Webster`s Pages :-)
We are celebrating the birth of our NEW baby {blueprints*} - what`s that?
Simply watch that beautiful video and Brandin O`Neill will answer your question.....

Because keeping your memories should be easy...
Because you're busy but still want to tell your stories...
Because simple and beautiful don't have to be difficult and involved...
That's why we've created {blueprints*}

Do you want to experience this adventure? Do you want to tell your story?
That`s possible...
Join us for a 30 day journaling adventure.
1. We give you a prompt every day for 30 days. (Click HERE to see hoe it looks!)
2. You record the answers in your very own {blueprints*} journal.
3. Add photos and memories (as many  or as few as you please).

And in 30 days you have a completed journal, full of Beautiful, Heartfelt memories.

Simply click HERE for more information on how {blueprints*} program works and how it will benefit you. The BEST part is, your finished journal will be ready just in time for Mother`s Day. Can you think of better gift to give your mom than something handmade and heartfelt?

Start your {blueprints*} journey today ... buy your journal and become part of the {blueprints*} family ------- > HERE

Have a beautiful day!