Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi there!
It`s my birthday today...YAY...Happy 38th Birthday to me! First thing coming to my mind is that time does flies. I still remember when I was 20 ;-) and now look at me - almost 40 ;-). However, my life has never been so Beautiful - I`m a blessed mom, wife and a friend. My Dreams are coming true and sometimes I think It`s not even real.
But the world is not always running around me ;-)
My post today is dedicated to a very special friend. Truly beautiful Friend from inside and outside. Somebody I respect for her honesty, her loyalty and patience with me. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a mom, a wife and a friend just like me :-), the founder of "Once Upon A ...Sketch" challenge blog and her name is Nadia Cannizzo .
Today I`m sharing with you a gorgeous layout and a sweet card that Nadia created for me. She not only created them but also sent them to me all the way from Australia....I wish you could see my face when I opened the package....
Nadia, sweetie, you touched me so much with this priceless present. Such gorgeous creations and you even used one of my favorite photos of myself. How did you know that?
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate everything you do for me so much!!!!!

It`s time for me to celebrate ;-) Cheers!



  1. Happy birthday Gerry
    and OWWWW to your present
    Nadia is rock!

  2. Beautiful layout and card!
    lucky girl!!!
    hope you are having a fabulous time so far!!

  3. happy happy Birthday Gerry ... enjoy your day .... you are the same age as my daughter .. Tara turned 38 on the 4th December .... hooray for you Gerry !!!!! big hugz from me xoxoxo

  4. Happy birthday to you, Gerry:) I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your life at the moment:) I really hope you'll have a wonderful day. I sent you a little something too, so I hope it will arrive today;) What a sweet gift Nadia sent you...her layout and card are amazing. She's such a sweetie, just like you are!

  5. Happy birthday to you. What a nice way to celebrate yourself; say thank you to somebody you care about. Great idea.
    Really nice LO, by the way

  6. Good morning Gerry and happy birthday to you!!! It is wonderful to be with people to love you so much!!! Enjoy every day of your blessed life!!! Hugz

  7. what an amazing LO and card!!!!
    feels soo good to have good friends... thanks to a stupid machine called PC!!!!!
    happy birthday!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Gerry! that is amazing surprise...and have a blast celebration.

  9. What a beautiful layout and gift! Happy birthday Gerry!

  10. Happy birthday, Gerry!!!! What a wonderful surprise you got in the mail !!!! :) It`s so beautiful! Have a great day today :) Hugs from me :)

  11. Happy Birthday my sweet Gerry!!! It is such a nice feeling and such a blessing to have friends like Nadia! I would never imagine I would meet so wonderful persons like her and you and many other through the internet!!! My wish for you is to be always healthy, always happy and that all of your dreams will come true!!!
    Hugs and kisses from Greece!!!!

  12. happy birthday! looks like Nadia made your day!

  13. oh Happy Birthday Gerry.. i remember my 30's, they were good years! and time just keeps ticking by.. enjoy each day! and what a beautiful layout and card from Nadia.. she is such a beautiful soul and such an inspiration in so many ways.. i hope this year has many wonderful memories for you.. God Bless...

  14. Have a great day and an awesome year, Gerry. I am so inspired by your beautiful pages. Keep creating!
    Hugs from India...
    p.s. this is my 38th year too :)

  15. Happy Birthday Gerry! I hope you have an awesome day and are blessed beyond measure with creativity and find happiness and joy in all you do! You are an inspiration to me and I truly wish you well!

  16. Happy Birthday Gerry, what a gorgeous gift you received, wow!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday my Friend!
    I hope you have great day with your family and friends!
    I wish you all the best!

  18. Hey, je bent járig!!
    Heb ik je net aan de telefoon gehad en je zegt gewoon niets!!!
    Ik ga je zo weer bellen en hier alvast a verry happy birthday, met heel veel liefde en cadeautjes!!
    XXX, C

  19. Happy birthday to you (with music!)
    Kisses from Danielle

  20. Happy birthday! I will be 38 too in a month - exactly a month today.

  21. Happy birthday dear Gerry in goede gezondheid met je dierbaren. En dat wij nog vele mooie leuke creatieve creatie mogen zien.

    oxox Tina

  22. Happy birthday to a special person. I am so happy it reached you safely and u liked it. Guess what? I was just asked to publish this in an Australian magazine but told them its overseas!!! Lol! Thank you for your kind words... I won't get into it too much but the feelings are mutual. Thank you for blessing this scrap world with your creativity and the entire world with your precence. Love always, Nadia.

  23. Happy Birthday Gerry! A beautiful card creation here and I like the picture too.

  24. You are so lucky! Beautiful gifts from Nadia! Happy birthday again, Gerry! Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones! {Hugs}