Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Altered Birdcage ~Scrapdelight~

Hi there!
Today I have an altered item to share with you that I made back in August (2011) for "Scrapdelight" scrapbook store! I enjoyed the process of decorating it so much. I wish I had more time to spend on altering items.....

  • The key and the keyhole are from Melissa Frances (Resin Embellishments)...

  • I also decorated the inside part of the birdcage. I added a birdcage with a bird chipboard which was painted with puffy paint......

  • I used mini Prima clear stamps, embossing stamp pad (clear) and white embossing powder to decorate the bottom part of each wall...

This is how all the pieces looked like before I decorated the house. I achieved this effect by working with Crackle Medium. I love Crackle medium and I use it already for a long time ;-).
What I did here was simply crackling with two colors acrylic paint - green and blue.
Tip: The best effect is to apply two contrasting colors. 

I used a small brush to apply the crackle medium. It`s a small birdcage and there was no need to have large cracks. Moreover I used sand paper in the end to give it more distressed look.
Tip: If you want to have larger cracks you can use a foam brush and if you want to achieve finer cracks simply use a small brush. It`s also important how thick you apply the crackle medium - the thicker the layer is the larger the cracks are.
Well, I guess, that was everything for today :-) Hope you enjoyed my post!
Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh Gerry..this is beyond fabulous! How gorgeous!! The technique you used on the bird cage is awesome..the flowers and details are amazing..a fave for me!

  2. Гери,това е едно малко ,вълшебно бижу!Поздравления!

  3. This is gorgeous...especially love the crackled effect you achieved!

  4. it is amazing Gerry!! sooo much work and all those flowers...amazing!!!
    thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Прекрасна е станала клетката в много красиви ярки цветове!

  6. oh this is so pretty, i love all the flowers and bling... and thanks for the hints on using crackle paint.. i have yet to try using that... love the look it gives...

  7. This is so utterly gorgeous project full of pretty detaisl!

  8. Gerry just a extraordinary project I love all the details!!!So pretty and the flowers look great.
    Thanks for all your visit and lovely words!!
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  9. Gerry, this is flat out BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!!! Your work is always so inspirational!!

  10. GORGEOUS little perfectly done!

  11. Gerry just gorgeous!!.....

  12. Gosh, making this birdhouse must have taken you hours! But the result is definitely worth it: it's such an amazing creation. I just love all the tiny flowers and pearls. A bird should feel honoured to live in this, LOL:)

  13. Speechless! Прекрасен проект - толкова внимание към детайла, толкова е красиво всичко! Наистина съм възхитена!

  14. Stunning Gerry!
    So many gorgeous details.
    Thanks for the tutorial...
    Crackle medium and I have a love/hate relationship.
    I just can't seem to get it right! Lol, might have another go now, I am inspired!

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