Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cone flowers tutorial

Hi there!
I hope everybody is doing great over there...After being sick for two weeks I finally feel full of energy and ready to create!

I made this funny altered box (approx. 10 x15 cm) to show the flowers I created! I used the April Main kit at  My Creative Scrapbook  which is loaded with Webster`s pages "Life`s a portrait" collection. From the vellum sheet I created  a layout   but I had some leftovers and I ended up making these cute flowers. They are very easy to make!

You need a circle punch (1.5"), a scalloped punch (2"), stickles, glue ( or double-sided tape) and of course any kind of little flowers to fill in the center!
N.B. The scalloped punch is a size bigger than the normal circle punch!!!

After punching three normal circles and three scalloped ones, you make a cut from the edge to the middle (see photo below). Then use glue or double-sided tape to attach both sides so it forms a cone. You can use a needle (or anything sharp) to make a small hole in the middle.

Place the small cone into the big one and then you can add the little flower you prepared. I used a Copic Marker to color the edge ( see photo below) .

As a finishing touch I used stickles. Of course you can use your imagination and you can try adding something else!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope I was useful :-)
I`ll be very happy to see what you created....just let me know and I`ll be glad to have a look!

Have a scrappy week!


  1. These Flowers are Fabulous!!!!! i love them Thank you Gerry for the tutorial!!!!

    I'm glad you feel better!! XOXOXO

  2. Just beautiful!...I will be trying this soon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you thank you for the tutorial those are soo pretty and such a great idea i cannot wait to try it out!!

  4. So fun !!! I have to try this technic to make beautiful flowers as yours !! Thank you !!!

  5. Hello there and I love all your beautiful creations. I have added your site to my favorites so that I can come back as much as I want to see it all. Thank you so much for your great inspirations!!!